General Purpose Hunting

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Price$450 USD
Gunsmiths Inletting and texture extra.

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NameGeneral purpose hunting
Intended Use:
Handedness Available:
NotesDesigned by John Geiges. Intended for the Nesika tang but works well with many different actions. Similar to the General Purpose Hunting stock except the forend is a little more square and the butt has a keel for riding a bag.
MeasurementsUS / ImperialMetric
Overall Length: 30.75”78.11 cm
Front of Grip to Butt: 1.9 in4.83 cm
Depth at Action: 1.9 in4.83 cm
Width at Action: 2.07 in5.26 cm
Depth at Tip: 1.27 in3.23 cm
Width at Tip: 1.6500 in4.19 cm
Weight Before Inletting: 1lb 14oz840 g