Ian Robertson first started making composite rifle stocks over thirty years ago and used them to good advantage on his first Canadian Rifle Team to Bisley in 1979. He said “It seemed like a good idea at the time to help pay for my shooting habits although my parents didn’t really appreciate my use of polyester resin in the basement”.

Felso Composites continues the enviable technical wizardry of Ian Robertson, formerly of Robertson Composites Inc. (RCI). He built a reputation for making precision, composite rifle stocks with unsurpassed quality, accuracy and longevity. Felso Composites staff were trained by Ian and Kelly to make stocks using their exact methods and identical materials. You all know that they have a world class history of over 40 years.

Today we are housed in a facility stocked with all the required machinery and know-how to ensure a quality product every time. The employees here have the power and the duty to stop any stock they feel does not meet quality standards. They are all vital to maintaining the quality products of which the identical stocks to RCI are renowned around the world.

FCI is small enough to give personal attention to your custom rifle stock.